SERVICES Dangerous GoodsSERVICES Dangerous Goods

Our personnel are trained for packing or repackaging of all kinds of goods in accordance with IATA and maritime (IMDG). Adjusted to meet market demand, our personnel are trained to respond as quickly as possible to your packaging needs.

  • Classifications and MSDS Management

  • Compliance with IATA and IMDG policies

  • Repackaging

  • Brand Labeling and Documentation

  • Emergency Response

  • Door to Door delivery or collection

DGR Goods Wrapping provide consultation on product classification, packaging, storage, and rules and regulations related to dangerous goods by air transportation (IATA/ICAO-TI), Sea (IMG) and Land (ADR), in addition to this we are also able to prepare for the sender's declaration of dangerous goods consignment on behalf of the sender.

To meet our customers’ demands, we have a good set-up stocked with packaging for DG materials such as

  • Fiberboard Boxes

  • Steel Drums

  • Plywood Boxes

  • Foam Chips

  • Inner Packaging

  • Vermiculite Absorbent and Others