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Nowadays, an efficient Logistics is a major problem for manufacturer. It's time to let a third party Logistics provider to be in charge of the distribution of goods, managing incoming/outgoing products inventory . MSA Kargo is the best choice for your partner in Logistics because we have our own freight forwarder flag and consolidation services offering more competitive price in order to meet your budget needs in all aspects of the supply chain of your products. We believe 90% logistics service elements is human, we bring our corporate culture to our warehouses that will motivate all staff to work accurately and quickly. Therefore we together as partners can ensure product margins and will achieve the vision of your company. With exclusive overseas agents, such as Veritrans, T3, and more, we offer the efficiency, cost savings and solutions that can be tailored for supply chain to retailers around the world, stretching from manufacturing to retail shelves. Working in the field of food, non-food, textile and General merchandising, retail customers: benefits from the proven expertise and a variety of solutions that address key business issues. Our Services include management of incoming international items, import consolidation service managed by transportation services, distribution centers, in-store logistics, e-commerce services and special shipping activities. These services provide solutions to retailers and strive to increase customer satisfaction, focus on assets or on their core business, entering new markets or expand by leveraging new channels to market.
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