SERVICES Sea FreightSERVICES Sea Freight
Sea freight is one of the most secure option, cost effective and reliable as a mode of transportation for national and international trade. MSA Kargo offers a range of comprehensive services to meet the simplest to the most varied service needs. MSA Kargo Sea freight is supported by an extensive network of shipping services that provides door-to-door delivery supported by the communication and information system following development of technology. Whether you want bulk shipments or having certain requirements on goods dispatched MSA Cargo has the best solution. We are working together with the selected shipping companies that offer a maximum benefit that allows us to give competitive price. By combining the expertise and skills in strategic planning, scheduling, routing and the utilization of space, we can provide the most effective transportation solutions:
  • Ability to manage general shipment
  • Strong purchasing power and the level of cost effective shipping lanes through the partnership
  • Good performance for monitor optimal service and quality
  • Customs expertise in streamlining and accelerating movement of goods

Our Services include:
  • FCL dan LCL
  • International Inbound and Outbound
  • Domestic Inbound and Outbound
  • 24 hours CFS Security
  • Packing and Custom Clearance Documentations
  • Export/Import
  • Retrieval and Delivery of Goods
  • Insurance of Goods

MSA Kargo offers a maximum service that can be customized, and a full schedule of delivery options for all needs of sea freight.